Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

My equipment during the five month hike:


Back Pack / Rucksack

Jam from GoLite


Serenity mosquito tent from von Six Moon Design

Gatewood rain poncho / tarp tent from Six Moon Design


Aluminium ground cloth

3/4 foam sleeping pad from Gossamer Gear

Air sleeping pad Torsolight from Backpacking Light

Sleeping bag Magma from REI




Pepsican alcohol stove with windscreen

Titan pot from Snow Peak

Titan Spork from Snow Peak

Alcohol / Heet bottle (Gatorade bottle)

Waterbottles from Smart Water

Food bag (bear proof) from Ursack

Water filter Sawyer Squeeze


Underwear from Globetrotter

Long Johns for sleeping and very cold days

Long sleeved Sweatshirt for sleeping

2 pairs of socks from Falke

Down jacket from Western Mountaineering

Down trousers from Western Mountaineering

Light weight shoes for creek crossing and town

Wind tight beany from Mountain Hardwear

Rain chaps from Equinox

Rain shirt from Aldi

Miscellanious items

Tooth brush, tooth past, hand creme, foot creme, first aid stuff, head lamp, towel, writing pad with pan, solar charger, ear plugs, passport, wallet with credit cards, sun glasses, knife, sewing kit, grease for leather boots, water tight bags, toilet paper, etc


Gotal weight back pack and contents without food, water and alcohol for stove


Daily worn

Sun hat with mosquito net from Fjällräven

Long sleeved shirt from Nosquito

Shorts from Globetrotter

Long pants from REI

Socks from Falke

Boots Lhasa from HanWag

Adjustable hiking poles "Carbon Ultralight C3" from Komperdell

Cell / Mobile phone (phone, camera, MP3-player, pdf-files reader, GPS, maps) from Sony Ericsson Xperia ArcS


 840 g


 240 g

 342 g

 167 g

 170 g

 140 g

 323 g

1200 g



  58 g

 113 g

  17 g

  30 g

  84 g

 230 g

  90 g



  34 g

 248 g

 294 g

  90 g

 320 g

 235 g

 618 g

  54 g

108 g

  90 g

 750 g



   6.783 g










Overview of sections I hiked  


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