GR 131 (E7)

GR131 from Punta de Jandia to Corralejo, Fuerteventura

GR 131 is a part of the European Long Distance Trail E7. Sofar it has been set up on all Canary Islands but Gran Canaria. E7 continues from Porto across Europe to Serbia. It is planned to continue the path in Rumania to the shores of the Black Sea.

This newly set up path runs on the island of Fuerteventura from the port of Corralejo at the northern tip to the southern end at Punta de Jandia covering 153.4 km. Not much shade can be expected on this path. It passes through four of the five different geographical areas. Wide and relative new lava fields as well as major dune areas are the trademarkt of the North. Next comes the big central plain. The longest stretch passes through the westerly mountains of Betancuria with its rounded tops and steep valleys. The southern part traverses the peninsula of Jandia along the coast with very fine beaches. The sand covered Isthmus El Jable connects the south with Fuerteventura.

The path is marked with white and red stripes. Additionally there are occasionally dark red markings with the path name placed.

Well sized and informative bill boards with a description of the next section in Spanish, English and German are placed at the start of each section.

These are the nine sections:


1         3,5 km     Isla de Lobos

2       25,9 km     Corralejo - La Oliva

3       16,9 km     La Olivia - Tefia

4       17,2 km     Tefia - Betancuria

5       16,4 km     Betancuria - Pájara

6       23,4 km     Pájara - La Pared

7       17,2 km     La Pared - Casas del Risco de Paso

8       14,3 km     Casas del Risco de Paso - Morro Jable

9       18,8 km     Morro Jable - Punta de Jandia


I have walked the sections seven and eight as well as partly section six.