GR 131 Fuerteventura

2    Casas del Risco de Paso - La Pared     17,3 km

Starting point was just behind the surfing school at Casas del Risco de Paso. thats were a big information panel with details of the path has been set up. Until reaching the road FV-2 the path follows the dry valley of the Baranco de Pecenescal. I could see very clearly the water marks of water gushing down the valley after torrential rains. From the road on the path continues as a 4weel drive dirt road to the west coast thereby steadily climbing in a side valley of the Pecenescal. After some time the path veers off in northeasterly direction into the sand dunes of El Jable. Here the path runs several times on the old north-south cobblestone road. Many fantastic viewpoints are along this section. Even so this is a nature peserve obviously goats are permitted. And they eat everything they consider eatable. The final part leads downhill to El Pared. Here it reaches the west coast.

Dry valley of Baranco de Pecenescal

Path markings in El Jable

The old north-south cobblestone road can be seen for some short stretches

West coast short of La Pared

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