This is all about walking/hiking long distance paths/trails!

These pages cover the paths I have walked up to now and will be updated whenever I have covered additional sections. I was able to get a lot of information through the internet. I want to give back information I have found while planning and later found helpful while walking. I trust this site will give you tips for your own hikes.

Any comments, additions or corrections are highly welcome. If I can be of any help or you have questions please do not hesitate contacting me.

Enjoy this website and your own hikes. Maybe we will meet somewhere sometime.



Planned hike in 2024

E1 Rome to Reggio / Calabria

Hike in 2023

E1 Lugano to Rome

E6 Flensburg to Copenhagen

E6 Brunswick to Bad Sooden-Allendorf

Hike in 2022

Completing "Norge på langs" in Southern Norway from Storlien to Cape Lindesnes

Hike in 2021

Groena Bandet in Sweden.


My Hiking Trails



European Path E1

I have made it by now from North Cape / Norway via Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland to Cittaducale / Italy (north of Rome) covering 7,736 km.

European Path E6

From Copenhagen through Danmark and on in Germany via Güster (together with E1) until Bad Sooden-Allendorf covering 1.115 km.

European Path E7 (Fuerteventura GR 131)

New North/South Trail across hole island 55 km. It is a part of the European Path E7.

European Path E9

Short stretches in Lithuania and Russia as well es from the Russian / Polish border until reaching the Dutch Northsea coast covering 1.455 km.

Mallorca GR 221

Ruta de Petra en Sec / Dry Stone Route on Mallorca. This trail runs in the West of the island from Port d'Andratx until Pollenca through Serra de Tramuntana. 

Norge på langs (NPL) Norway

This is a hike from North Cape along all of Norway to the southern tip at Cape Lindesness. It is not a pre defined trail. Everyone can choose its own path. Only start and end points are to be followed. I walked 2.905 km.

Gröna Bandet (Sweden)

This is not a pre defined trail. Everyone can choose its own path. Only start and end points are to be followed (Treriksröset or Abisko and Grövelsjön). I walked 1.221 km.

North America

Appalachian Trail (AT)

From 2000 until 2007 I hiked the total trail starting at Springer Mountain and finishing at Mount Katahdin in Maine. Everytime I restarted where I had stopped the previous time. In total 3.477 km.

Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

I hiked in 2014 from the Mexican Border until Manning Park in for a total of 4.271 km.

Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

This trail I hiked twice; in 2014 from the Mexican Border until Canada and in 2016 an alternative from Butte until Yellowstone. In total these are 4.879 km

Colorado Trail (CT)

2016 from Durango to Denver for 800 km.



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