Gröna Bandet in Sweden

Overview of sections I hiked  

Gröna Bandet in Sweden is not a pre marked trail but a hike between two defined locations. Normally this is Treriksröset in the North where the borders of Sweden, Finland and Norway meet and at Grövelsjön in the South. Due to Corona the northern point was in Abisko in 2021.

For the northern section until Hemavan I followed like most hikers Kungsleden. Going further south unfortunately the Lapplandsleden is not completed yet. Here I had to follow via Klimpfjäll, Ankarede, Gäddede, Vasjöbyn, Kallsedet, Are until Helags Fjällstation for longer stetches roads (luckily a lot of gravel roads). Then I could hike for the remainder going south the Southern Kungsleden until arriving at Grövelsjön.

In total I hiked for 49 days for a total length of ... km. Overnight I staid in my tent as well as in some STF-huts respectively on camp grounds. Details can be found in my various section together with some pictures.

Start of my hike at STF Abisko Turiststation

Abisko Turistststation

At the final destination STF Turiststation Grövelsjön

STF Grövelsjön

Overview of sections I hiked  




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