Norge på langs in Norway

Overview of sections I hiked  

Norge på langs in Norway is not a pre marked trail but a hike between two defined locations. In the North it is North Cape as Norways northern point and in the South the light tower at Cape Lindesnes.

I started my hike going north coming into Norway from Storlien / Sweden going up to Lønsstua. Next part was starting at North Cape and visiting the real north point at Knivskjellodden and ending at Sälka. In a rather high snow year I filled the gap between the two hikes mentioned above. This part of my hike had some rocky parts but nothing compared to what was to come in the south. The DNT huts were many a night a very welcome place to dry out again. The majority of the trail is above tree line.

The next part in the south I hiked from Hodalen north to Stjördal. Then I took the train to Mo i rana to fill the gap in the north. Now I only had to hike south of Hodalen to Cape Lindesnes. I repeated the first part from Stjördal going south and hiked through to the southern end. The first was trailwise similar to what I had experienced sofar. But then it often became just rocks and no trail and next to vertical ups and downs. The last few days are just paved roads as there are no trails. If asked I would not mind to do the northern part again but some of the sections in the south I would not do again. These were the worst trail days I have ever experienced.

Details and pictures of my hike can be found in my daily sections.

Start of my hike at North Cape

North Cape

At Cape Lindesnes, my final destination

Cape Lindesnes

Overview of sections I hiked  




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