GR 131 Fuerteventura

1     Morro Jable - Casas del Risco de Paso    14,3 km

I walked this section starting at Casas del Risco de Paso. I arrived from Costa Calma thereby following the beach. Until arriving at the lighthouse at Jandia Playa I walked almost exclusively along the beach. However this depends on the tide. At high tide some rocky outcroppings block the path at the beach and it is necessary to bypass them up on the costal rim. It is possible to walk on the rim looking down unto the beach. However several hotel remains obstruct the path. The nicer path is definitely along the beach. The Atlantic constantly begs to take a bath. In Morro Jable the path follows the promenade with several restaurants.

Promenade of Morro Jable

Risk of rock fall south of Jandia Playa

Following the Atlantic coast

Hotel remains near the path close to the beach

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