Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

31    Creede - Pagosa Springs       60 Kilometer


Pagosa Springs                                 60 km

The first day out of Creede was a nice hike with mostly well to reasonably maintained trails. But day two turned out to be the opposite. It was still reasonable until where the Sawtooth Trail started from Goose Lake Trail. How can someone call this a trail? I have had blow downs at various sections along the whole CDT. Of course there where many climbs uphill too. But both combined with a trail that disappeared completely for long stretches needs to be beaten. This trail was clearly the worst maintained of my complete hike. But then this is not the "official" CDT. Once we were on the ridge back at the CDT we had to take cover from a thunderstorm. But heck, who cares it's the second last day of my hike. Once the thunderstorm had passed by we still made good mileage. After a good night sleep we had about six miles left and time until noon. Well in time Steady and I arrived at the Wolf Creek pass. These were the final miles of my thru hike.

Now I have completed my TRIPLE CROWN Skeeter arrived soon after us by car to drive us to Pagosa Springs for a celebration meal. We staid for the night.

Roaring Fork Creek

Archuleta Lake

Pond along CDT short of Wolf Creek Pass

First view of Wolf Creek Pass

Wolf Creek Pass, completion of my CDT hike

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