Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

37    Lima - West Yellowstone                            146 Kilometer


West Yellowstone                                 146 km

We got a ride back to the CDT at Interstate 15 from motel owner after breakfast in the morning. The four young southbounders joined us on the ride. It was to be sunny all day long. Except early on there was hardly any water today. There was a dry creek with a few puddles. And we met the first northbounder with the trail name Gippy Maroccan. The next day the trail was mostly overgrown. It was tough progressing and we had frequently problems locating it. The night was spent at a campground at the Aldous Lake Trail trailhead. The biting flies became history but instead we had to be careful with water. This is a rather dry section. Then we encountered a British northbounder. She carried a rather heavy pack.

The trail continued to be partly overgrown. Before getting up towards Taylor Mountain we filled up our water bottles to last until the next morning. The way was on an old wide mining road. The weather had changed from sunny to overcast to approaching storm. It got very windy. Well down from Taylor Mountain back in some trees we staid at a dry waterless spot for the night.

Next day at Taylor Lake we decided to take the Mack's Inn route. Soon along the Hell Roaring Creek the trail petered out. It became pure bushwacking. It was hot without shade and hard hiking. Once we got to the pass at the end of the creek slowly a trail started again. Finally we reached the road to Sawtelle Mountain. There was some traffic on this gravel road and we got a ride down to the main road. Here we camped at the Sawtelle Mountain Resort. Next morning we got a ride up to West Yellowstone from the gaz station. The motel was reasonably priced for West Yellowstone. Being early we could leave our packs but check in was only in late afternoon. The time was productively used for picking up the REI package at the post office. We also went to the Backcountry Office to get campsites in the National Park. Staff there was very helpful and we almost everything we wanted.

Former bank in Lima has been turned into an apartment

CDT runs for quite a while along this former fence

View of Mount Taylor with CDT ascending in switchbacks

Blooming meadow at CDT near Lake Lilian

Wall painting inside of Wild West Pizza in West Yellowstone

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