European Path E1

Resupply options in Sweden and Norway

In Denmark, Germany and Switzerland re-supplying is not really difficult. In short distances one can find on or very near off the trail shops, kiosks and restaurants can be found. In Sweden and Norway the situation is quite different. From Varberg until Sälen the distances between re-supply options are relative short. They can be found on or very near off the trail; than it becomes more difficult. The further North the more limited are the options. Following is a list of all possibilities from Varberg up to North Cape I am aware of.

Location Lage  Shop  Comments 
Varberg  on trail  several shops  
Fjärås  near trail  several shops   
Mölnlycke (Göteborg)  near trail  several shops  
Hindås  on trail    
Borås  on trail shopping centre   
Ulriceham  on trail    
Mullsjö  on trail supermarket   
Hjo  on trail several shops   
Forsvik  Bus to Karlsborg  several shops   
E18  Bus to Karlskoga  several shops  
E18  Bus to Örebro  several shops  
Kloten  on trail  small shop  ltd. selection 
Diberget  5 km to Nora  ICA   
Stjärnfors  2 km to Kopparberg  ICA   
Smedjebakk  on trail  ICA   
Mokkfjärd  on trail ICA   
Leksand  on trail ICA / coop   
Mora  on trail ICA   
Sälen  3 km from trail  ICA   
Flötningen  on trail small supermarket   
Grövelsjön  on trail STF hut   
Hävlingen  on trail STF hut   
Storrödtjärn  on trail STF hut  
Rogenstugan  on trail STF hut  
Skedbrostugan  on trail STF hut 
Fjällnäs  28 km to Funäsdalen  ICA  hitching
Fältjägarstugan  on trail STF hut  
Helags Fjellstation  on trail STF hut  
Sylarna Fjellstation  on trail STF hut  
Blåhammaren Fjellstation  on trail STF hut  
Storlien  on trail coop   
Skjækerdal  on trail DNT hut  ltd. selection
Setertjøn  on trail DNT hut  ltd. selection
Holden  on trail DNT hut  ltd. selection
Skjelbredtunet  10 km to Sandvika  matreken  bike from CG 
Røyrvik  on alternative trail Joker  road walk
Grannes  28 km to Hattfjelldal  coop  CG offers ride
Umbukta  35 km to Mo I Rana  coop  Fjellstua offers ride
Lønsstua  train to Røkland  coop   
I have not seen personally the next five options      
Ny Sulitjelma Fjellstua  5 km to Sulitjelma  coop   
Vaisaluokta Fjellstua  Ferry to Ritsem  STF hut   
Staloluokta Fjelstuga  on trail Kiosk   
Arasluoktastugorna  on trail Badjelánnda Laponia Turism hut  ltd. selection
Laddejakkstugan  on trail Badjelánnda Laponia Turism hut  ltd. selection
Abisko  on trail STF hut   
Kilpisjärvi  on trail K Market   
Kautokeino  on trail coop   
Maze  on trail Naerbutikken Maze  reliable?? 
Mollesjohka Fjellstua  on trail DNT hut ltd. selection 
E6 or 889  5 km to Russenes  Matreken  road walk


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