E6 Germany Güster - Lauenburg (Elbe)

IIb.1  Section Güster - Lauenburg (Elbe)  31 km


Büchen                               12 km

Witzeeze                              6 km

Lauenburg (Elbe)                  13 km

I went by train and bus to Güster. Being a Sunday I was partially the only passenger on the big bus. I retraced the walk back to the point outside of Glüster the E6 separates from E1 and E9. Here I saw the new standard European trail sign. This section is well marked and consists of two contrary country sides. The first half up to Büchen is a sandy trail and runs mostly through woods or at their edge. Shortly before Büchen it changes to asphalt and continues all the way to Lauenburg (Elbe) with very few interruptions. And most often it is not possible to walk besides it. This second half passes through meadows and open fields and is mostly bordered by hedgerows or trees. All in all it is a varied countryside. In Güster Dorf is an old priest house build just after 1650 next to a partly even older church. Unfortunately the museum housed in the priest's house opens too late for me. Not to be missed in Lauenburg (Elbe) are the old town with the river Elbe as well as the view from the high river bank into the Elbe valley. The river bridge will be passed next time to continue upriver on the left bank.

This is where I saw the new sign for European Walkingtrails for the first time. To the left E6 and to the right E1 and E9 on the way to Güster.

E6 in Bergholzer Forst

Rest area site near the trail

E6 passes through the old town of Lauenburg (Elbe)

Steam powered ice breaker "Elbe" in front of the river bridge the E6 passes when crossing the river Elbe.

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