GR 221  Port d'Andratx - Pollenca

    Section Embassament de Cuber - Lluc  .. km

Embassament de Cuber

Coll des Prat                               ... km

Lluc                                          ... km

I went by car to the parking lot at Embassement de Cuber in the morning. From here I continued the path in direction of Lluc. Soon I followed the water gully. When leaving the gully the path ascents through forests to Coll des Prat with 1.205 m. Now the GR 221 descents into Torrent de Comafreda and climbs the other side up to Puig d'en Galileu. From here it is all the way downhill on newly reconstructed sections to the monastry of Lluc. Before taking the bus back to my car I continued for a short visit to Refugio Son Amer.

View of Embassament des Gorg Blau

Ascent to Coll des Prat (1.205 m) passing through a evergreen oak forest

On top of Col des Prat with markings of GR 221

Descent from Puig d'en Galileu to Lluc

Path signpost of GR 221 in Lluc


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