GR 221  Port d'Andratx - Pollenca

    Section Soller - Embassament de Cuber  .. km



Coll de l'Ofre

Embassament de Cuber                .. km

Starting at the centre of Soller I walked town streets to Biniaraix. Here the ascent starts in the Torrent de Biniaraix. Soon the cobbled path climbs in endless serpentines to reach the Finca l'Ofre. Farmers were pruning the olive trees on their narrow terraced plots. Higher up a group of mountain climbers were active in the narrow valley. From the Finca the pass descends through an open forest to Finca Binimorat. Passing through meadows the path reaches Embassament de Cuber and finally road C-710 with parking spaces and bus stop. I turned around and passed Embassament de Cuber on the other side back towards Soller. I made the really worthwhile side trip to the top of l'Ofre with 1,093 m. There is a fantastic view from the top.


Olive trees are pruned and cut off branches are burned off

Ascent to Col de l'Ofre im Barranc de Biniaraix on cobbled path with water gutter

View from Col de l'Ofre towards Embassament de Cuber

View from top of l'Ofre (1.093 m)


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