Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

01    El Paso - Lordsburg

Following a comfortable flight in one of Lufthansa's fleet of A380 aircraft to Houston it became decidedly less comfortable. Immigration is a nightmare in the US. Especially when arriving together with more then 400 other travellers. My connecting flight had left be the time I had passed through immigration. Thereafter I had to get back into the terminal passing through passenger and hand luggage control. One of the X-ray machines broke down. Of course it was the one in my line. Finally being back in the terminal United rebooked me on the next flight to El Paso. This flight was delayed by more then two hours. Eventually I arrived at El Paso late at night. Welcome in the US! I spent a day in El Paso buying some further equipment for my hike.

To get to Lordsburg I took a ride on Amtrak. About two hours later I arrived at Lordsburg station. Well by European standard not a station. The train is disembarked at a road crossing stepping off the train onto the road. From the station it was a short hike to the motel. Here I met several other hikers who I would join the next morning for the shuttle to Crazy Cook. We had a nice dinner that evening.

Old part of El Paso

El Paso train station

Mexican border in El Paso

"Train station" in Lordsburg. Train is entered and left at this road crossing


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