Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

02    Crazy Cook (Mexican border) - Lordsburg      150 kilometers


Silver City                                  150 km

Early in the morning the CDTC shuttle took me and a total of five other hikers to the border. There is a Mennonite colony in Mexico just across the border. And of course the monument for the CDT. The first two days where cloudy. And first night we had an endless thunderstorm. And another thunderstorm during the second evening. But both times with relative little rain. It's such a never ending open land. The CDT is well marked and alternates between 4wheel tracks and cross country. As there is little vegetation it is not difficult to find a way to hike. I saw a herd of at least 12 dear. Cows can be seen again and again. They are rather shy. The CDTC stocked water caches are a fantastic help. And then the Border Patrol is out there a lot. It's mostly so flat it is not difficult to find a spot for the night. I arrived in Lordsburg after five days of walking. My REI food box was waiting for me at the post office. The hotel manager has arranged for my clothes to be washed. And I had my Chunky Monkey Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

Obligatory photo taken at southern terminus of CDT at Crazy Cook

Start of CDT just north of Mexican border

CDT in Big Hatchet Mountains

Approaching thunderstorm as seen from inside my tent


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