Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

03    Lordsburg - Silver City        101 kilometers


Silver City                                  101 km

The first day out of Lordsburg was slowly climbing up out of the valley. Once the trail left the road it was cross country hiking from post to post. They are not always easily visible. Eventually I got into an area where the green was taller than knee high. All water sources had plenty of water. On the second day the trail, yes a real trail and no bushwacking or road walk, went up on Burro Peak with an elevation of about 8,000 fest. This was quite some climbing. I staid for the night at Muddy Springs. After getting dark two more hikers arrived for the night. The last bit was a long paved road walk. Luckily some clouds came up. A new trail section bypassing Silver City is currently being constructed. I arrived late in the evening in Silver City.

All hikers met in the evening at the local brewery. We were joined by Teresa from the CDTC for a nice evening. Next morning it turned out that my food package was not at the Post Office. By mistake REI had instead sent it to Doc Campbell's. This meant I had to be shopping.

CDT follows sign posts cross country north of Lordsburg

This gravel road north of Lordsburg is part of CDT

Country side in Gila National Forest

Here in Silver City stood formerly the log house of Billy the Kid

Historical centre of Silver City

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