Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

04    Silver City - Doc Campbell's 80 kilometers

Silver City 

Doc Campbell's                                 80 km

This short section was a hike of many extremes: Dry desert, endless river crossings and river fordings, hot sunny days and freezing cold nights.

Leaving Silver City I started with a long road walk on asphalt thereby slowly getting out of town. Another day through forest with a long descent took me down to Gila River. Now water worries in dry New Mexico where over for a few days. The compensation is getting wet feet and shoes. The lower Gila River has to be crossed many times. At many places last years flooding has unfortunately ruined the trail along it's bank. Finally I arrived at Doc Campbell's store. My food package was waiting and I could recharge my phone. The package ordered for Silver City was here too.

Agave near CDT

Pinos Altos Range in Gila National Forest

CDT leads downhill to Gila River

Gila River

Gila River

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