Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

05    Doc Campbell's - Pie Town     180 kilometers

Doc Campbell's

Pie Town                                180 km

Not far from Doc Campbell's are the Gila Cliff Dwellings. I spent some time walking around the ruins. Thereafter I went up the West Fork Gila River and later crossed the mountains to arrive at the Middle Fork Gila River at the Meadows. Two days of endless creek crossings later I arrived at Snow Lake. A small brownish dammed body of water with a campground and running water. Not very impressive. A camper gave me some trail mix, tuna and bars. What a nice surprise. Now it got dry again and colder at night. The coldest night was about 20 F. Approximately an inch of ice on top of the water in my bottles. Brrrrr.

Arriving in Pie Town at the Toaster House I I met a bunch of other hikers including the Warrior Hikers. Of course I had to eat pie in Pie Town. A neat small place with anywhere between 25 and 50 inhabitants, I was told. One of the other hikers who now hails by the name Greyhound had been hiking the PCT in 2012 too. I had met him there many times. What a small world.

Gila Cliff Dwellings

West Fork Gila River

East Fork Gila River

Straight road with hikers in Collins Park, Gila National Forest

Toaster House in Pie Town

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