Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

06    Pie Town - Grants      168 kilometers

Pie Town

Grants                            168 km

In total we were 20 hikers and one biker at the Toaster House. Nita, thank you so much for opening such a great place for us hikers. The night before there was a big spaghetti dinner at the community centre. Yummy, yummy.

I left Pie Town in the morning for the Thomas's house which is about 15 miles down a gravel road. What a wonderful place. I was invited to join the Warrior Hikers dinner there. As it was too early in the day when we arrived we hiked on for several miles and were picked up by John to take us back to the house. We had a great dinner and staid in their house with a nice fire place going all night. Next day we walked on on the gravel road and following local advice turned off at Wild Horse Road to get to the fire house. Well, we didn't make it there. Instead there was a lot of bushwacking with quite some fierce winds. Eventually we were back on track and made it almost to NM 117. To get some cover from the wind for the night four of us staid behind some bushes. Others staid near by with some wind cover too. Next day was to be paved road walking only. And thunderstorms were looming at the horizon. And we got it all, sunshine, clouds, hail, snow flakes and rain. Oh, and of course some thunder. At the "Mumm's" water cache a group of us had lunch. And there we took cover from some hail. A welcome break was the visitor centre from BLM for the lava flow area El Malpais (the badlands). Arriving in Grants late I still had a great steak dinner. My insoles arrived from home and my food was waiting at the "Mumm's". It was "delivered" right to the motel I staid at. Thank you ever so much for your support!!!!

Selfie taken at rest room of Thomas's house

Windmill, set up by ranchers for their cattle; and gladly used by hiker for water resupply

Interesting rock formation in Sand Canyon

El Malpais, a lava formation, with rain

Route 66 in Grants

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