Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

12    Encampment - Rawlins     126 kilometers


Rawlins                                                 126 km

Three of us (Big Foot, Beaker and myself) got a ride from Denver to Encampment. We had planned to go north from the pass. However it was still closed with winter snow. They were rotaring it for opening up the road this weekend. We later learned they needed much more time than planned and took more than one additional week to clear the road. Lucky us, our driver Lucky Man drove us a bit further north to Saratoga and from there on gravel roads towards the CDT. At some road work we were stopped, got out of the car and hiked to the trail. Arriving at the CDT we decided to stay for the night.

Next day we walked on roads gradually moving from not used for a long time to good gravel road. Following nights campsite was selected based on getting into the wind shade. This resulted in a wet tarp next morning. We had another good hiking day. This time the campsite was better and drier. During this section we saw many deer and hardly any cows. The water sources were sufficient for us. The last night was a nightmare. We stopped about seven miles out of town. And it was so stormy everything was covered in fine sand. We had thunderstorms all night and howling wind with noisy flapping tents. I was glad when the night was over. Next morning we rolled into Rawlins for shower, laundry, resupply and resting. And then of course we had to be getting ready for the Great Divide Basin.

Big Foot, Beaker and I together with Lucky Man ready to start hiking in Wyoming

Camping along the fence line on CDT

Sand Hills sout of Rawlins along CDT

Road walking in wide open country site of Wyoming

Approaching Rawlins with train in background

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