Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

15    Pinedale - Jackson     135 kilometers


Jackson               135 km

We arrived in Jackson in the back of a Sheriff's car. No, no, not being apprehended but helpfully driven to town.

It was cool but sunny when we left Pinedale. We had to walk six miles on highway 191 and turned at Trapper's Point on to highway 352. This road took us into the Green River valley. This is a ranching valley until the road reaches National Forest land. Also there are many vacation cabins. So it's hard to find a place for the night. Towards evening we reached a Restaurant named The Place. Here we got lucky and were offered to stay for the night at their house by a passing car. A great place with big beds for each of us. Later we were driven to another restaurant for a very good dinner. In the morning we got a big breakfast before moving on. The Drift passes by their house and we got lucky again. A ranch was drifting the cows and calves up to the summer range in the forest. Six cowboys worked hard to keep them in line and moving. They came right by the house and we followed for a while.

After sunshine in the morning the weather turned and become worst almost by the minute. Not only clouds came in but it got darker and darker. Upon crossing Green River and looking for a lunch site a pickup came up the road and an older guy with long beard got out and the first thing we heard was: "You ain't going into those mountains!!!"

What was going on? He turned and continued telling us that this will be one of the worst summer storms he has ever seen and we should stay at his spare cabin. Seeing the oncoming rain we agreed. We had two very interesting days with him. He is living a very secluded life working with skins. We even had an chance at working on a skin under his watchful eyes. We had a final night at the first place. In the morning the whole valley was white. We felt we definitely did the right thing and started the road walk to Jackson. We finally got to Jackson. We staid in Wilson were we met up with Seminole, Texas Poo, Hiked A Lot and Seeking. They had to get back to Pinedale to do this stretch. The next day we did the touristy tour of Jackson. Big Foot unfortunately had to leave us for health reasons.

Rodeo in Pinedale

Cowboys herding cows along the drift in Green River valley

I am scraping meat of a fur to be tanned with dogs waiting for the spoils

It snowed over night in Green River valley

Old Faithful (Yellowstone NP)Old Faithful (Yellowstone NP)Raining in Hoback Canyon with view of trees broken by an avalanche

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