Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

16    Jackson - Old Faithful (Yellowstone NP)   165 kilometers


Old Faithful (Yellowstone NP)               165 km

Beaker and I left late for Jennifer Lake in Grant Teton NP for a walk in campsite. Before leaving we had spent a day in Jackson walking around and shopping. From Wilson we took a hike / bike trail that ended at the park entrance. Upon entering the park the scary part started. The only way forward was a narrow winding road without any shoulder and many cars; and some reckless idiot drivers. We survived and made it to camp late in the evening. Here in Grand Teton NP I saw my only Grizzly bear of the whole hike, a mum and two cubs. They wheret adjacent to a road and rangers had arrived to control the situation.

Two more camp sites and many road walking miles later we got into Yellowstone NP. Another 15 miles later we finally left the roads behind and were on a trail again. We staid the night at our pre booked back country campsite. Being early in the season we were on our own. We had to cross the outflow of lake Shoshone which was as per Ley chest deep and turned out to be only knee deep. Next day we passed through the Shoshone Geyser Basin. Then on to Old Faithful were we arrived for our reserved cabin. Here we decided to stay one more day and I used the next day to join an all day sightseeing bus tour.

Stage coach in front of arch made on antlers in Jackson

Beaver Lodge outside Grand Teton National Park

Snow covered Teton Range

Creek crossing on a log in Yellowstone National Park

Shoshone Lake Geyser Basin with CDT

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