Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

17    Old Faithful (Yellowstone NP) - West Yellowstone     89 kilometers

Old Faithful (Yellowstone NP)

West Yellowstone                                 89 km

The sightseeing tour in Yellowstone took me around to see some buffalo (correctly named these are bison), more geyser's, Lake Yellowstone and Yellowstone River falls. Leaving Old Faithful we walked through the geyser basin in slight rain in the morning. Once it stopped we swiftly moved towards Summit Lake. About two miles short of the lake snow started. It continued for most of trail until leaving the park except for some open meadows. It was manageable but took some extra time. For more than 10 miles a huge grizzly had used the trail and this very, very recently. However it helped us finding the trail in the snow, but I did not want to meet this beast. Rain started the next night and staid with us in long showers all day long. Second evening we had just set up our tents when rain came back. The last day we were in the clouds and finally were sent into town with thunderstorm and hail.These three days of hiking brought us to the Super8 near Targhee pass in Montana outside of West Yellowstone. Staying at the motel allowed us to dry out our stuff in the room.

Lower Falls of Yellowstone River from Artist Point

Firehole Geyser Basin near Old Faithful

Snow covered CDT towards Summit Lake / Yellowstone NP

Grizzly bear print in Yellowstone National Park

Interesting road marker at Targhee Pass outside West Yellowstone

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