Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

22    Benchmark Ranch - East Glacier Park       229 kilometers

Benchmark Ranch

East Park Glacier                         229 km

Arriving at Benchmark Ranch I found my food waiting for me outside in the box on the porch. As the hosts were there and they had room available I got a cabin, dinner and could charge my phone. They left in the evening so I staid there on my own. During the night and next morning it was raining. The trail was all soggy and moving forward was rather slow. This area was full of hikers and stock. The campground was fully occupied. It slowly stopped raining and brightened up. Late in the afternoon I finally got the first glimpse of the Chinese Wall. What a sight. I found a nice secluded spot for the night. Next day when moving on I had many great views of the wall.

The later to be seen Lewis and Clark Range was very impressive too. There was a lot of trail work going on. Finally I arrived at the Summit. The Lodge had cookies and muffins with green tea. The trail to East Glacier was ridiculously unserviced; chest high overgrowth in every meadow. If not for Beaker and Seminole who had passed through ahead of me I would have had a very difficult time getting through the overgrowth. The Park Service should be really ashamed of them. Arriving in East Glacier it became a warm beautiful day. I got a room at the hostel.

Log bridge across Sun River on the way to Chinese Wall

Sun set at Chinese Wall

CDT in front of Lewis and Clark Range, the continuation of Chinese Wall

Beaver Lake

Interior view of Glacier Park Lodge which was completed in 1913

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