Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

23    East Glacier Park - Chief Mountain (Canadian Border)     179 kilometers

East Park Glacier

Chief Mountain (Canadian Border)                       179 km

At East Glacier Park I arrived early for breakfast and staid at the International Youth Hostel. The day was spent getting my supplies, laundry, shower, sightseeing and town food. Next morning Beaker and I left for Two Medicine. Here we had to get a permit for specific back country camp sites. Only at 5 pm the rangers know which site is still available an when. But booking is only possible early in the morning. We arrived back at the station before opening time. Beaker decided to stop hiking for medical reasons. So I was on my own again. Due to availability of back country camp sites I had to start at the border and hike south back to Two Medicine. I got a ride to Saint Mary. From there I took the East side shuttle to the border station Chief Mountain. We picked up another hiker at Swiftcurrent. I spent the first night in the park at Gable Creek CS. Here everything is regulated, with food hanging or food storage devices and food preparation areas as well as pit toilettes. I had a nice evening with camp fire and conversations with other hikers.

Next was all uphill until arriving at Ptarmigan Tunnel. From here on I counted more then 200 hikers on my way down to Many Glacier. This was like Disney Land. Here I was caught by a heavy thunderstorm. Next day was a long day. Via Piegan Pass I hiked to Going-to-the-Sun road. Here I got a hitch to Saint Mary. From here I walked on to Red Eagle Lake. Here I met hikers I had seen days earlier in the park. Before arriving at the next camp site at Morning Star Lake rain caught up with me. Luckily it stopped once I arrived and had set up my tarp. Via Pitamakan Pass I returned back at Two Medicine next day. From here I got a shuttle back to East Park Glacier.

Glacier NP was great hiking. There were outstanding views and varying quality of trail maintenance. There was partly just no maintenance at all. I met so many people but on the other hand the lodges were great in respect of food and drinks and especially ice cream.

Canadian border crossing at Chief Mountain

Trail climbs slowly up to Ptarmigan Tunnel

Glacier National Park

Marmot and drying tarp in the sun, Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

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