Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

24    Transfer East Glacier Park - Encampment

East Park Glacier

Spokane / Washington


In East Glacier Park I rented a car at AVIS. Here I met Seminole again with whom I had planned to drive to Spokane, Washington. And that's what we did. We arrived late at night and met up with Hikes A Lot. We staid at his motor home. Next day I returned the car. At the local REI I bought a new pair of boots replacing my worn out ones. For lunch we met Beaker and his wife. The next day we let for Encampment in Hikes a Lot's pickup. After a long, long ride we arrived at past 3 am at Encampment. I set up my tarp at the camp ground and slept for a few hours. After a short rest Hikes A Lot and Seminole went on to Chama.

Glacier Park Lodge

Amtrak station at East Glacier Park

West Glacier


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