Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

29    Twin Lakes - Salida        107 Kilometer

Twin Lakes

Salida                                 107 km

We had a great hiking day after spending the night in the cabin and a burrito at the store. Looking at the map we decided to take the Colorado Trail to Salida. The trail is lower and stays below tree line. It turned out to be a good decision thereby avoiding afternoon thunderstorms while being out in the open. We hiked around the east side of the reservoir and across the dam before turning off along the Colorado Trail. The trail is mostly well maintained, marked and quite wide. Before night we were pelted with a lot of hail making it almost look like it had snowed. This was by far the heaviest hail I encountered along the whole trail.

Arriving at the North Cottonwood Creek we got real trail magic. A German/Chinese couple invited us to have breakfast with them, our second for the day. We got the chairs and a big selection of goodies. And there was bread almost as good as at home. Thanks very much again. Steady got a ride into town to rest her feet and get new shoes. I moved on. Immediately after crossing the creek on a bridge I had to follow a well marked short detour. The next night I was rained on very heavy for a long time. With my Gatewood Cape set up I staid dry and warm. The second breakfast at Mt. Princeton Springs Resort with silverware and table linen was very good. I pushed on to make it to the trailhead of Angel of Shavano to hitch a ride to Salida. Well, there is hardly any traffic on the road. When I had almost reached the main highway the first car came by. I was lucky and got a ride into town all the way to Simple Lodge & Hostel. Steady was there with new shoes. We had a great town meal and the next day off.

Blow downs with repaired CDT / CT

Hail covered slope next to CDT / CT

Mirror image of mountain

Chalk Cliffs in Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Arkansas River in Salida

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