Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

28    Silverthorne / Breckenridge - Twin Lakes     128 Kilometer

Silverthorne / Breckenridge

Twin Lakes                                   128 km

These free buses in the Silverthorne / Breckenridge area are very helpful for getting around. Hiking into Copper Mountain meant I had reached the Colorado Trail. It mostly runs together with the CDT. But sometimes it offers an alternative. Once getting on the combined trail the difference to most of the CDT becomes quite obvious. It becomes a well marked and nicely groomed trail. And the grades are very comfortable. During the first day I saw a herd of sheep nearby. They were herded by dogs only. The first night I got almost to Tennessee Pass. At the pass I met a big group of trail maintainers about to start their work. In late afternoon I almost missed my friend Steady camping by the trail; but she called out for me. This was a big hallo. This meant I will have company for the remainder of the hike. We had a lot to talk about not having seen us since finishing the PCT in 2012. When arriving at Twin Lakes it turned out that all rooms where fully occupied. Finally the guy at the local store offered his red cabin with electricity but no water. The restroom is across the street near the visitor centre. We staid indoors for the night. And we had a very good dinner with white tablecloth at the restaurant. My food package was waiting for me at the store.

Snow remnants at Copper Mountain

Sheep herd at Elk Mountain

Morning fog in Arkansas River valley

CDT and Colorado Trail in light forest north of Twin Lakes

The store and the red log cabin we staid in at Twin Lakes

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