Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

33    Butte - Sugarloaf Lodge & Cabins                            95 Kilometer


Homestake Pass

Pipestone Pass

Sugarloaf Lodge & Cabins                                95 km

While hiking the complete CDT in 2014 I selected the straight route from Yellowstone via Ennis to Butte. In 2016 I did the big crescent from Butte via the Anaconda-Pintler Range south to Yellowstone.

Having arrived from Europe two days ago and rented a car yesterday we drove from Helena to Butte in early morning. After dropping off the car Enterprise gave a ride to the Mode S Trail trail head. It was a rather hot day in the 90s. And coming from near ocean level it became a tough day for me. I needed far too many hours to get to the top where the trail met the CDT. From here on it became easier, first more level and then downhill towards Homestake Lake. We refilled our water from the lake and staid at the former CG by the lake. Next day started with a longer climb followed by a descent to Pipestone Pass. Some rain could be seen in the distance. Here I met a couple from New Zealand on their bikes with really fat tyres. They were riding the CDT. Next day the weather turned sunny and hot again.

Then at Burton Park we almost ran out of luck with water. Finally we found some in the meadow. The open plain around Interstate 15 was crossed early the morning to make it bearable. In the Burnt Mountain area first old snow remnants could be seen. Another hot day and we arrived at Mill Creek Road. It did not take very long for getting a ride to Sugarloaf Lodge & Cabins. The packages where waiting. We got a nice cabin and highly welcome showers. In the evening we were invited to join family dinner as the restaurant is only open in winter.

Mode S Trail climbing steadily from Butte to CDT


CDT just south of Mode S trailhead

CDT near Pipestone Creek with rain in background

Pipestone Pass

CDT crosses Moose Creek

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