Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

34    Sugarloaf Lodge & Cabins - Sula Country Store                              143 Kilometer

Sugarloaf Lodge & Cabins

Little Seymore Lake

Sula Country Store                                  143 km

For breakfast we had a specially made for us bred. It was too much and we could take the rest with us. This was a very nice stay at a great location. To top it off the owner gave us a ride back to the trail. Most of the day was in hot and shadeless open country. Deep Creek was crossed on the main road bridge. In late afternoon we were back in the woods and arrived at Lower Seymore Lake for the night. Next day we entered the Anaconda-Pintlers. This part of the trail reminded a lot of Glacier NP and Northern Cascade Mountains in Washington or the High Sierras in California on the PCT. Steep mountains, stretches above tree line, nice creeks and old snow.

During the next few days we met several southbound CDT hikers. This included a couple from my PCT hike. Water was only available in the valleys as up high the trail followed closely the divide. There where a number of blow downs along the trail. And then we ran into mosquitoes. Progress was a bit slower than planned but that was ok. I really enjoyed this section. Yes, it was challenging but a great countryside to look at. One pass required ascending across a number of steep snowfields. We got across them all.

Instead of going all the way to Chief Josef Pass we left the trail at Gibbons Pass and followed the Lewis & Clark trail down to the road. The first bit was full of blow downs. After walking a bit along the road we got a ride to Sula Country Store. We rented a cabin and even got a ride to a nearby restaurant by the store owner. The dinner was very good and she drove us back. The forcast was for cold weather and even snow in the mountains. We decided to stay for another night. This way we avoided the snowfall.

CDT near Goat Flat in Anaconda-Pintler Mountains

Crossing a creek on a log with help of a long pole

Lake Warren with snow remnants in Anaconda-Pintler Mountains

Mirror image in Johnson Lake in Anaconda-Pintler Mountains

Snow from last winter on CDT

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