E1 Germany    Flensburg - Hamburg

IVa.1    Section Flensburg - Schleswig   40 km


Oeversee           12 km

Sieverstedt          9 km

Idstedt               8 km

Lürschau            7 km

Schleswig           4 km

I reached Flensburg early in the morning by train coming from Hamburg. The E1 passes directly by the railway station. It was Father's day today. I met a group of "Father's" several times today. They travelled by bicycle with a support car for food and drinks. This section of E1 is a pilgrimage path at the same time. In reasonable distances rest areas with description of surrounding areas and the path were set up. Not only a chance to rest but also cover in case of rain. When passing this group at one of these huts for the third time I was offered lunch and small talk. I arrived rather late at the youth hostel in Schleswig. This meant I had to go into town for dinner.

Megalithic grave

Rest area of pilgrim route

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