E1 Germany  Frankfurt - Constance

IVf.7     Section Lachenhäusle - Haseneckle 41,8 km


Neueck                                      9,2 km

Brend                                         5,6 km

Weissenhacher Höhe                    7,5 km

Wilhelmshöhe                               5,0 km

Bannstein                                   6,5 km

Haseneckle                                 8,0 km

Today I continued north in the Black Forest. From mountain Feldberg until Pforzheim E1 is under the label of Westweg marked with an orange diamond. It was dry in the morning and the sun started shining from early on. It became another warm day. The trail is easy to walk. It runs directly adjacent of the road from Neukirch to Gütenbach. Thereafter it gets quieter as the road follows a different path. Around lunch near Schonach the road is back near the trail.

Later the trail follows a ridge line passing a number of wind turbines. Towards late afternoon the trail deteriorated. It became steep with washed out sections. At Hotel Schöne Aussicht short of Karlstein I stopped for a cake break in the sun. In the evening a thunderstorm came up. I wanted to cross mountain Farrenkopf before it started. I just managed to do so. At the top is a nice shelter. With the approaching thunderstorm I did not want to stay over night there. The descent went on and on and it became darker. At the bottom near shelter Haseneckle it started raining. I set up my tarp in a hurry. No soon was I finished it started raining heavy. The thunderstorm had arrived on top of me.

Wood carving is used as trail marking of Westweg


Black Forest House


Here is the divide between rivers Danube and Rhine


Small lake on E1


Karls Stone on E1


Interesting monument (Only where you were on foot you have really been)


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