E9 Germany    Wischhafen - Neuschanz / Nieuweschanz

IIId.2    Section Wingst - Bad Bederkesa 35 km


Deutscher Olymp                  1 km

Ellerbruch                           5 km

Bovenmoor                         5 km

St. Jost                             6 km

Mühedeich                         11 km

Bad Bederkesa                     7 km

The traill markings in forest Wingst are different. It starts with one yellow marking and thereafter white arrows only. In the end I stopped following the marked path and left the cool forest near Süderbusch. From now on it was mostly open country side. Sometimes paved, sometimes sandy but only just about sufficiently marked. I walked to St. Joost. A nice sandy path let me to Stinstedt and thereafter the Nature Reserve Lake Stinstedt. This is a former fen lake that was dyked to hold back flooding. The water level was raised again and the fen restored. The E9 passes by a watch tower. I continued to Lake Bederkesa and thereafter looking for a place to stay over night in Bad Bederkesa. In the evening I walked around the castle und to canal Elbe-Weser-Binnenwasserstraße.

White arrows in forest Wingst

E9 passes partly through nature reserve Lake Stinstedt

Inner yard of castle Bad Bederkesa

Lock connecting canal Elbe-Weser-Binnenschifffahrtsweg with Lake Bederkesa

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